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Internet Behavior Management Solution

We found that staff use  QQ, MSN, Skype chat, illegal use e-mail, visit illegal Web, BBS, forum, online stock trading, download music and movie make management headache. 

(1)Influence work efficiency
(2)Network performance worsen
(3)Network illegal behavior
(4)Computer system security

How to control?
SixColor understand enterprise requirement, internet behavior control program make granulation control to enterprise staff and computer.

(1)Limit chat tools, download tools and entertainment software.
(2) Limit browsing special Web
(3)Limit user use computer time
(4)Limit user visit internet time
(5)Limit on line authority  by requirement planning
(6)Flow planning management

Successful case:
We conduct internet management to special user & computer according to customer requirement. General staff can’t use internet, and can’t influence e-mail. We retain 40% internet broadband for manager, and ensure business stable move.

Staff only uses computer rule software, and limit use special software base on different user, for example: QQ, MSN, BT etc.

The program is closely connection with system framework, implementing control internet user on line strategy and user can’t breakthrough control.  Customer needn’t buy professional internet control equipment and satisfy with us.