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IT Careers

System Engineer

1. Independent complete system integration program design and verification work, including network construction. IP planning, equipment selection, and research program construction feasibility;
2. Responsible for directing the implementation of system integration and project implementation and management;
3. Maintain the stable operation of client computer systems, and manage their PC, OA equipment, LAN, WAN, telephone systems, facilities;
4. Provide IT hardware and software services and support to custom;
5. Provide regular technical training for customers;


1. 3 years of system design, implementation, maintenance experience;
2. Proficient WINDOWS systems, and server versions of the installation, use and maintenance;
3. System integration project implementation and management experience;
4. Good English communication skills;
5. Good sense of service, communication skills and presentation skills.

Desktop Engineer

1. The Microsoft platform Client operating system and Microsoft client products installation, configuration, change, maintenance, and troubleshooting;
2. End-user's routine desktop operation and maintenance and technical support;
3. IT peripherals installation, configuration, and troubleshooting;
4. A full-time construction and maintenance experience, including basic wiring, network equipment maintenance, etc.


1. Familiar with the WINDOWS system installation, use and maintenance;
2. Familiar with PC, Laptop hardware configuration;
3. Familiar with the concept of Microsoft AD, IT maintenance work experience;
4. With a good sense of teamwork and communication skills with customers;
5. A good technical documentation capabilities;
6..Have a good sense of service;