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Account Security Management Solution


Identity Security Management

Identity security is the security foundation of enterprise IT system, effective identity security management can largely improve IT system security level. Enterprise can be achieved by deploying identity security management:

Solving user identity account use security problem
Solving computer security problem by mismanagement.
Improving user work efficiency & IT management efficiency

Account represents a user, and having use authority and resource visit to computer system. Many enterprises have the problem that many people use an account or a people own multiple accounts. The former security problem is serious; the latter lead to account insecurity because of user careless.

SixColor can improve a standard account identity management platform for enterprise by account identity security management solution. At the same time we also manage server, client and different application and resource ID authentication, and prevent user insecurity operation and reduce security problem.

Facing Problem


Decentralized management and authorization, lead to disclosure of confidential information.

Provide appropriate access right.

User identity is fraudulent lead to confidential information leakage.

Strong protection strategy for account, and audit account.

Multi-system and multi-account environment led account management pressure, easy to miss off overdue accounts, resulting in potential safety problems.

Unified simplify management

System configuration is modified ,it’s easy to threat corporate information.

Unified deployment and configuration, to ensure computer's security status meets the requirements.

Trojan, virus or not due process threats to enterprise security.

Unified client software management, to ensure the security of enterprise systems.

Can not ensure the timely update because of different user level.

Automatic upgrades and patches to prevent attacks.