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IT System Analysis

It is necessary to do an evaluation, if your enterprises IT system have different problems.
If you looking for cooperative partner to raising company system security and performance, and network security and application security, but you don’t know what the best way, we can help you! 
SixColor have enriched experience to help enterprise analysis and evaluation system, find out existing problem and trouble, offering solutions and improvement ways.

Why need to evaluation?

Most enterprise are face IT system trouble and problem, especially SMEs, because of lacking of professional IT engineers support, even more serious.
The root of problem is IT infrastructure instability, IT infrastructure is foundation.
Many IT service company can’t solve this problem. This reason why can’t solve computer system problem.

Our advantage:
Our IT engineers own many years of IT service experiences and professional technical, follow
our best practice standard to helping enterprise check existing infrastructure, and communicate with costumer to understanding enterprise requirement, and find out existing problem, and provide professional advice report, including:  existing network framework, system framework, existing problem, advice and system expectation.

We will provide “current IT system report state” and “IT system improvement report” through system analysis.
Current report will point out the problem of system, but improvement report will provide solutions and improvement advice and strategy.

Solve problem?
Data security and privacy
System stability and security
System availability and redundancy
Network stability and utilization
User security and management
Avoiding IT resource and application waste
Enterprise IT property control and management

We not only solve problem for costumer, and helping costumer to provide efficiency, assist management and provide technical value through make use of IT system.