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How To Choose outsourcing Service Provider

IT computer outsourcing services have been not a new concept in China, it has been widely recognized and selected by user, IT computer outsourcing as an important business measures enterprise it must be careful planning and selection in the implementation,Especially in China.

How to select a trusted IT outsourcing company for Setup,Maintenance network, server, computers, application and website, following is the outsourcing Service key to success:

01. Look at cases:

Check whether the computer outsourcing service providers have success stories;

SixColor work close with all the clients, and we manage cases by our own IT support task system.

02. To see solutions:

IT Outsourcing service providers should understand the user's industry, and offer real solutions for enterprise;

such as: server system, network solution, desktop management, security policy, application control and access permission policy, etc.

03. Look at IT technical team

Outsourcing service providers should have a strong systems integration ability;

04. Look at the company history and qualifications

whether the formal legal and ability to long-standing business dealing?


Establishing own goals, it will has in-depth assessment before outsourcing.
To select outsourcing service companies that can meet enterprise business requirements. The important is Outsourcing service providers whether understand your business and outsourcing goal.
Keep commitment and friend relation with outsourcing service providers.

The categories:

1. the national service companies, generally they have their branches in the national, it suitable for scattered enterprises, and strong funds.
2. Foreign Service firms.
3.Local service enterprises.

Considering the following points:

Testing IT outsourcing company main business scope.Many companies is not real IT outsourcing company. For example, company's main business may be included the domain name registration, website production, computer sales, integrated wiring. But it is weak in the part of system and network. It’s hard to offer comprehensive service.

Testing IT outsourcing company's operating time .IT outsourcing must be existed more than 3 years. It proves have certain production capacity, and getting certain extent ratification on the market. Customer can consider this company.

Testing IT outsourcing company's actual place of business.To see how about the company is important. Selecting right IT outsourcing company is the key. This company can promote company information level at a low cost.