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*Network Cabling System

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Cabling Service:

1. Server Room, Office wire network cabling for telephone & IT data network.
2. Server room design & set up. (AC, Fire protection system, door guard, floor, wall,ceiling,etc)
3. Phone system,Door guard system, CCTV camera system set up.
4. Good Quality Guarantee.

Wire network cabling is the foundation of date transmission & all applications. As technology development, 100 mega network cabling applications are very wildly, kilomega network is also becoming popular.

As the huge of data transmission volume, two-way 100 mega bps to 1000 mega bps per second, the data will seriously influence rate during transmission by the interference.

Interference as follows: near-end crosstalk, electromagnetic interference, echo crosstalk, and even poor contact.

Poor network from the following factors:


1. Inferior wire.                            2. Bad modules and patch panels.
3. Non-standard installation.         4. Non-standard pull.
5. Middle and line, string line.         6. Strong & weak electrical mixture interference.

Cabling standard


We have extensive network design and wiring experience, but also committed to provide enterprises with a realistic program of voice and data cabling. For old office or new office, our can provide a good solution for office.

Good network design will take into account future expansion, it can reduce expenses.


1. All materials are original, including wires, module, network patch panels, voice patch panels. We will clearly indicated materials, model and quantity on the contract.

2. Strictly standardized construction, the installation of slot & channel are fit Office Construction Standards.

3. Reasonable planning and design, strict testing and inspection, and to ensure the network was long-term stability and efficiency.