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Misunderstanding & Identification Method

Select outsourcers Mistakes:

1 Easy to believe contractors, some contractor boasts their company’s employees dozens or even hundreds of. You had better visit their company. IT company nearby the computer city is not concentrate on IT outsourcing.

2. Some outsourcing companies are a division of the company, engineering level is unsuited requirement of company. However SixColor is a professional IT outsourcing enterprise, and all engineers have the professional skills and experience.

3. Do not believe Outsourcing service providers promises, such as technical support response time and technical problem solving time. It’s unpractical to outsourcing service providers promise to reach the site with 1 hour.

4. Not only value price factors, professional IT expert’s salary is different from general network management staff. From the service's point of view, the professional company can make network more stable and safety.

Service simple identification method:

1. whether service computer system is often poisoned?

2. Whether the network is often slow or interrupted?

3. Whether reloading system when the issue can not solve?

4. Service personnel skill level and stability?

5. The image of service and work experience?

6. To ask the enterprise network management and security methodology, if only on antivirus software, firewall and can not easily access, there is the problem.