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How To Maintain IT Infrastructure?

Client maintenance:

Keeping your Client computer efficient operating performance and stability, and improving staff work production efficiency. To ensure system don’t crash, our engineer proceed standardization check to system and applying our best way:

*Deploying system security policy
*Anti-virus software, fire wall
*Checking soft hardware breakdown
*Deploying Client backup policy
*Checking installed software
*Checking system state and security
*Improving Client security and control

Network maintenance:

Experienced engineer and assuring internet plan to ensure network traffic smooth and low failure rate.

*Checking network switch, router and other network equipment.
*Checking fire wall, fire wall rule and log
*Checking VPN state, performance and log
*Checking UPS state

Server management:

Server is the heart of network. Our Server management ensures Server usable to serve all users.

*Checking Server index
*Checking Server operational log, ensure stable operation
*Using necessary update patch
*Checking hardware space volume
*Checking access right and safety control
*Checking and ensuring application system is normal operation, such as ERP, CRM, and SQL and so on
*Checking system load and expense
*Checking backup performance condition and development tendency