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Team Strengths and Capabilities


Our Service Quality:

Providing professional, friendly IT support services, and has a good communication skills in English and Chinese.
Well-trained engineers to provide professional services.
The provision of professional norms of service management, with quick response and better problem-solving ability.

About SixColor:

SixColor is a Professional IT consulting and IT services company. We provide one-stop IT services and business IT solutions. Our technology solutions include IT outsourcing, Onsite/Remote IT Maintenance Support, Website development and customer care technical support.

Bring value to customers:

01. A very low system failure rate, reduced the time and efficiency cost.
02. Standard security control, Keep the business data safe.
03. To reduce cost of ownership Reasonable, provide a suitable scale on IT solutions.
04. Based on integrated network environment to adapt to enterprise IT systems development.
05. One-stop IT solutions and services to bring more value to customers.
06. Help to reduce the worries of IT, the costs of maintaining a more explicit.



SixColor Service

Other IT Companies

Service Value

 Information security services, building a solid system use environment, low failure rate, and high security 

 Only solving problems

Processing Mode

Solving problem from cause, And prevent similar problems, records archive

Different skills and experience, can not consider

Business Model

Profession IT technology-based firms

Equipment sell


Engineer and technical expert team, rich   experience

Uncertain technical staff

Service Mode

 On-site support, worldwide remote support, Telephone and mail support (Chinese, English)

 On-site support


Prepayment way by month and year
pricing according to work time  work report make expenses clear and definite

 Superficial and dilatory behavior


 Good English communication ability

 Lack of English communication ability