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IT Enhancement Services


IT   Enhancement Services

No rules no standards; it also applies to IT management.

If the enterprise network, application system, Servers and user computers have problems and failure frequently, seriously affecting the work. If you use a variety of IT companies but can’t solve the problem?

SixColor professional IT management services can completely reverse the situation and regain the initiative in IT management.

How do we do? Find root causes!

The reason is very important, our engineers will find out the root of the problem, communicate with customer, understanding the problems, to formulate detailed IT program and according to the standard to reform.


We solve existing problems from the root and prevent similar problems.
Building security, stability, and low failure of IT system environment.

Enterprise IT systems integration services

It will reduce IT support time and costs, if integrate IT systems and Client to unified management and maintenance.

All the computers and servers based on unified standards operation and maintenance, it will have a significant advantage to the use of computer, user account control, password requirements, data resource access control, application access control, network resources, corporate data security controls.

It will save hardware operation and maintenance costs and floor space by integrating multi-server into a single.

For example: A French export business has suffered from computer problems, replacing a number of IT companies later, in 2007they selected SixColor IT services. from early 2007 to the present ,they all the computer does not have the virus, and do not reinstall the system, not because of computer system problems affect work, without losing any data, no ARP virus.

Server did not show any failures in three years, the average stability of computer and server over 99%.There was no internal data leakage because of security and access control.


 The Benefits 

Ordinary Employees

I do not remember multiple accounts and passwords; I can access the whole enterprise of computers and resources. Even if the computer is broken I can use other computers to access myself data quickly. And others landing on my computer do not see my data; do not worry about information leaks of. We do not worry about computer problems and their own backup data.

Financial Departments

Others can’t landing on computer of financial department, our data are protected, it is impossible to information leaks of .even if the computer is broken, automatic  backup system has helped me to solve the fear of worries. Before the financial system is often Out of question, it is OK now.


I can use all resource after landing on computer; it is easy access the system and file when I am on a business trip. Now the system first to ensure that enterprises of all data security, and don’t worry threaten of hardware failure, even if I lost my notebook, others can’t access my data. It is very convenient and save resource.