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Enterprise Email Solutions


Enterprise Email Solutions

Do you get trouble of send/receive international email?
Whether some of your customers cannot receive or send with you?
Whether your email service is unstable and slow when you are travelling around the world?

     Enterprise Email Solution in China

Base on perplexing Network environment in China, our email service is base on several connections which are located in HK, South of China, North of China, etc. Those links can ensure get best email connectivity around the world.

Email solution also provide the following functions:

•Support for SMTP, POP and IMAP. 
•Mail Forwarding 
•Address Book. 
•Spam Relay Blocking 
•Spam Filtering 
•Virus Scanning on Server 
•Mail Relay 
•Mail Gateway 
•Secure Email Delivery 
•Email Anywhere Access 
•Anytime, Anywhere Administration 
•Per-user Quota Restriction 
•Outgoing/Incoming Mail Size Restriction

We offer several solution package for suit for your business needs. Please Contact us for the detail.

International E-mail problem?

Your email system may face two problems in China, one for the north-south connectivity problems, other international e-mail sending and receiving problems.

Send and receive international mail is fairly conspicuous, and appear in send and receive international mail loss, delay serious, send and receive slowly and so on.

So choose the correct e-mail system is the key.

Technical background

Because of network complexity and instability in china, we use server cluster is similar to Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail technology, we can perfect solve international e-mail the problems and troubles.
To ensure the company's e-mail and customer service send mail on time.

Quality Assurance
Stable international sending and receiving e-mail
Send and receive e-mail quickly
Not to join the international spam blacklist
Professional and responsible after-sales support