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System Integration

Systems Integration Services

SixColor is able to utilise the best of all technologies both hardware and software to produce an end to end solution for your business. we can recommend and implement the best software and hardware solutions on the market to fulfil your business requirements.

Our knowledge environment, we leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our employees, in order to create the most innovative solutions for our clients.

Through our solid experience, mainly from business-system integration and system development, we have actively worked with enhancing efficiency and improving our customer’s processes.

IT system Integration

We achieve this through technical solutions, but principally by applying a methodology and approach that allows system integration to be put in its correct context.From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and even managing your technology solutions, we have the depth and experience to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities.

SixColor provide standardized IT infrastructure integration services for foreign-owned enterprise, IT infrastructure is the enterprise IT platform, and it will directly affect the enterprise IT operation and management every aspects.

Summarize project experience, if in the early stages an enterprise IT system construction deploy standardized IT infrastructure, and it will greatly reduce different costs. The late IT governance will have to spend more resources.

From the chaotic environment transformed into a standardized IT architecture takes sometimes more than double the pre-deployment.

It is benefit for enterprises to structure standardized IT infrastructure

Integration contrast

After Before
IT environment Standard enterprise IT environment. All computers are managed by server , either user, accounts Password need keep secret. Users can only access their own data and authorized data. Family-network environment. Computer does not control, Users no unified management. We all know computer password each other, you can freely access to other's data. Some of the computers have no password.
System Security From unified security policy to all systems, involving all aspects of computers and users. Stopping the illegal and malicious operations and destruction. The lack of security policy constraints, staff can operate on any computers, without any restrictions
Date security
User data is protected well. Staff can not access others data, do not worry remove malicious employee behavior. No user data protections, data loss phenomenon often occur. Can not avoid the employees to steal data and delete data.
System Stability  Standardized system environment ensure the user's system security and stability, and eliminate the phenomenon of reloading the system. Reinstall the system will cause trouble that staff will loss data easily, and increase operational costs. Maintaining the familiar use of the environment can increase employee productivity. Computer often is toxic, and low operational efficiency, and always reinstall the system. Meeting can’t solve the problem with GHOST recovery system. User loss familiar use environment and settings to reduce productivity, and enterprise data deletion easily.
Data Backup SixColor can increase date security level through automatic  backup system, we not only think of a backup of Server, but also take into user's computer backup. Regardless of hardware damage, computers stolen, the data can quickly recover, to ensure no impact on the business.  Lack of data backup programs, or just consider the server level, lower-level data security.
Convenient  Users can easily access all enterprise resources and applications. Even if the computer hardware failure, it can immediately switch to the other computer to work, to avoid delay of work. Users need to remember multiple accounts and passwords, bad resource integration lead to use inconvenience. Computer failure can only be a waste of time waiting for repair.