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Enterprise Desktop Management Solution

悉士凯乐:桌面管理需要标准策略与实施并重,统一管理,更安全稳定,更少的维护量. 关键字: 统一管理;减少IT维护量;安全策略

We know many enterprises computer desktop management have problem, whether your enterprise have desktop management problem? Is it lack of management among computer、data and network? What it is mean?

With the increasing of computer, geographical dispersion, lack of management to computer and user, it will bring huge workload and cost to lacking of standardized management program.

It will also increase invisible cost, such as: equipment problem influence work efficiency, security problem lead to data lose, even data destroy.

SixColor think: achieving computer, user, data, network and software granulation management, and ensure security, is the way enterprise IT governs.

Desktop management solve program goal:

*Improving enterprise IT system management level, and reduce maintenance work time.
*Improving user system、server system and network whole security, and reduce security problem.
*Unifying deployment standard strategy, and user use standardization.
*Achieving automatic business procedure software deployment and update, reduce IT staff work.

Facing Problem


The patch updates problems, exist security risks.

Automatic detection of patch installations , and deploy patches automatically install.

Lack of detailed statements of the company hardware and software.

Automatic collect network software, hardware asset inventory, generate detailed reports.

Lack of management and update.

Administrators can remotely deploy software upgrades, and manage and limit non-standard software.

Technical support is not timely.

No matter where the administrator can solve problem by remote technology.

Poor computer security, often toxic, crash, reinstall the system.

Computer systems become more secure and stable.