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Business Date Security

Company confidential date leak threat is come from enterprise interior.

About 86% companies have happened date loss. Mimecast showed 94% companies have no protective measures in avoiding confidential date leak.

Main ways

Three ways: disclosed unintentionally, intentionally divulge, malicious theft

Disclosed unintentionally  is the employees in the use of e-mail, instant messaging, log BBS, blog, community site or other Web2.0 applications, casual company's customer information or financial information and other confidential information leakage. IDC research shows: Enterprise is concerned with security threats is the staff unintentionally leaked the information. Because this can not be prevented, it is also difficult to control.

Intentionally divulge the staff steal or transfer core date through U disk and other mobile storage, printers, file sharing, and use it to blackmail, selling or other malicious purposes, such phenomena are hard to detect. And this purpose is strong, damaging information to steal a large impact on the business rather far-reaching. And that has a bad influence to company.

Malicious theft is focused on customer data and finances information, attackers use viruses, malicious code or other core network printer to steal data for illegal profit.

SixColor understand the importance of business data to enterprises, we can according to the needs of enterprise data security to formulate control measures to ensure data security.

Data security involves all aspects of enterprise data, such as user data in personal computers, Server data, applications data, account data, business sites and so on.