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Anti-Virus Protection Solution

Anti-Virus Protection Solutions

With the complex of computer systems, it’s difficult to guarantee the security of IT system and network by the original anti-virus system, how to face this challenge to enterprise.

Enterprise anti-virus program not only have a good virus defense capabilities, and take into account all aspects of enterprise IT systems, achieve unified deployment, management, virus database updates, policy updates, and effective fault location and isolation, the log collection and analysis system, remote scanning, with the existing systems integration and have a good compatibility.

Enterprise anti-virus system needn’t users to manage anti-virus software, all the management and strategy by the IT professional technical department to deployment, without user involvement, and the user can not close it, which reduces the number of potential problems.

According to the actual situation of our business options for enterprise anti-virus program, finding a balance between implement and spending.

The value of program:

security policy to unified PC systems and server system
Manageable layered anti-virus

Further services:

Anti-virus program is an important "board" in security defense system, an integral part. But they can’t protect the safety of the enterprise if a good anti-virus system deployment to the poor IT environment,

SixColor will check and assess the IT infrastructure before deploy anti-virus program, and find security problems and hidden. Communicate with customers, according to actual situation do a good job program, building security, stability, low failure IT use environments. 

  Facing problem  


1. A large number of Trojan viruses threatening corporate security.
2. Existing anti-virus system can not guarantee the security of enterprise completely.
3. Enterprise have no a complete strategy against malicious code, adware, spyware software.
4. It’s difficult to unified management and update to  Existing anti-virus solutions.

Fewer problems:Reduce the threats to malicious code, adware and spyware, IT departments reduce time dealing with these issues, user reduce use problem.

Reduced cost: Contain the virus have happened again; reduce the effect to enterprise application systems and data.

Enhance the availability: Good defense mechanism can effective separation, delete, ban malicious code, IT systems are protected, to avoid damage system data.