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SixColor IT Outsourcing Service

Considering Outsourcing Your Company's IT Support?

SixColor specialises in helping small to medium businesses (SME's) achieve the best results using their IT infrastructure to streamline business processes and performance. 

We are currently helping a number of SME's relieve the burden of having full time and costly internal IT employees, while obtaining the best advice and expertise in today's technology market. Some of our clients outsource a small portion or all of their IT support to us but they all benefit from having:

·Guaranteed Response Times
·Expert Technology Advice
·Broad Business Knowledge
·Friendly Customer Service
·Professional Trackable System

How do you know when your company is ready to outsource?

Please consider the following factors when deciding to outsource:

·Financially it is cheaper to have the IT function outsourced than have full time employees.
·IT has become a function that wastes valuable time of non IT staff within your business.
·The skills required are so specialised that it is impractical to have a regular non IT employee responsible for this role.
·Some IT staff are falling behind new technology advances and are not able to advise and deliver appropriately.
·Business is spending large sums of money on consultancy advice to cover internal IT department skill shortages.
·You have a project and you need regular IT support.
·IT is not a business function that internal people enjoy performing.
·Company's core business is suffering due to unreliable and under performing IT systems.

If any of the above factors describe the driving force behind the consideration to outsource then a confidential discussion with one of our friendly senior consultants is recommended.