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Business Information Security

Secure your most valuable data

Is your sensitive business data that is stored on tape media safe from unauthorized access?
Are your employees, customers and partners able to safely share information with one another?
Are you in compliance with regulatory standards related to data security?

The data security service from SixColor can help you simplify the protection of valuable information. Restrict access to authorized users and safeguard your business data wherever it resides at rest or in transit.

Our consultants can also assess your compliance requirements gaps, company policies and security standards and identify IT processes, infrastructure and operation for implementing a security solution to ensure your business operation reliability and secures.

   Sixcolor Data Security solution,document,email protection

Get the services you need for success

  •Design and implement data encryption policies and standards.
  •Share data more securely between office, business partners, other organization.
  •Safeguard data from unauthorized access while in transit to other locations or stored in virtually any environment.
  •Secure data that is lost or modified- data backup solution can recover easily.
  •Centralize key protection in a secure key store with strong authentication and access controls implemented in one place.