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About US


SixColor, a company focused on IT maintenance service for foreign enterprises。Make IT Safe and Work Easy,a trusted partner for enterprise

SixColor A Virtual IT Department

SixColor, located in Guangzhou, is focused on IT maintenance outsourcing, IT solutions, IT infrastructure construction and services for foreign enterprises. Our goal is to be the best IT outsourcing service company in the South of China.

Chinese and English bilingual support, on the one hand, we provide foreign enterprises Chinese and English and international professional services, on the other hand, we provide domestic enterprises higher standard maintenance technical support and system than the market

We have a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise customers, more than 90% of our customers are foreign enterprises, including enterprises from the United States, France, Britain, Germany and other countries and from different industries, most cooperation is more than three years. Our first customer is still using our IT operation and maintenance service for the whole company. In a certain sense, SixColor has become a long-term partner of the enterprise, a virtual IT technology department and also a trusted friend.

Our Service


Our IT Services Cover:

Enterprise IT architecture setup services, IT integrated wiring system, IT infrastructure integration, IT governance reinforcement services, IT improvement services, IT maintenance management outsourcing, IT consulting and evaluation services, IT procurement services, expert on-site assistance service.

  • Our Customers: The enterprises who have the information system management requirements or the need to stabilize the IT environment of the enterprise, including domestic and foreign enterprises, multinational corporations branch in China.
  • Our Engineers: Trained engineers, experts team with qualifications for Microsoft, Cisco, H3C and PMP project management. Some of them have good communication in English. Relationship with the customer: all our served customers are still using our services.
  • Our Advantage: Make IT system serve business stability, security, stability and low failure.
  • What's not to do: Never take stopgap measures
  • Our Role: Enterprise IT consultant, IT infrastructure service provider.


It's hard to imagine thousands of systems, users, data, tasks, assets, reports, and documents. That will be a nightmare for IT department if without a well-established system and standard.

Call Center

Based on the workflow management of each task, follow the SLA service agreement, assign the task, follow up and report, which is the basis of service quality assurance.



Very low system failure rate, greatly reducing the possible loss of time and efficiency.



Standardize security controls to protect business data



Reasonably reduce the cost of ownership, to provide solutions for the enterprise's own standards.

One-Site Service

One-Site Service

One-site solution to make IT systems bring more value and convenience to the enterprise.