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About SixColor

 IT Outsourcing service Guangzhou

SixColor concentrated on IT Services & IT Outsourcing.

Our customers come from different industry,including trade、consulting
service、ecological resources、manufaturing、chemical industry、logistics etc.We can provide high quality service in new information system design and building、ITsystem optimization\upgrading,etc.

We provide stable IT environment for enterprise and user,and provide service close to customer needs,from the initial planning consulting,system management and final-period management,provide more comprehensive ITservices and solutions.

Why us

It not only solve IT problem ,and more preventing IT problem.

SixColor's customer include different industry.We has always been committed to ensuring the reliable operation of IT environments and enterprise data security and application stability.

We understand the importance of enterprise data,and clearly realize IT management involves enterprise data and sensitive information.So good ethics and enterprise credit are the best guarantee to customer data struture and content secrecy.


*Low system failure rate.
*Standard security controls.
*Reduce cost and provide suitable solution.
*Stable network environment.
*One-stop solution and bring more value for enterprise.
*Reduce IT risk and more clearly outlay cost .


*IT Consultant service.
*Enrich experience and skill database.
*Professional engineer team.
*Helpdesk report system.
*English communication.

What we do:

*Network and IT system analysis service.
*Emergency system failure rescue.
*IT system management outsourcing service.
*Network and computer system and security improvement service.
*New office set up  IT and network service.
*IT Computer network managrment solution.
*Engineers dispatch service.