I can't find my deleted messages to restore them.

I can't find my deleted messages to restore them.



You might be in a view that does not show deleted messages.

    On the View menu, point to Arrange By, point to Current View, and then click Group Messages Marked for Deletion.

Troubleshoot IMAP accounts:My message flags have disappeared.

My message flags have disappeared.

IMAP does not support message flags, so you cannot send or receive messages with flags on them. You can set flags on messages that stay in your Inbox or in another folder, for example, to remind you to follow up.

I can't see the contents of messages by using AutoPreview.

You are viewing messages that have only headers downloaded. You need to download the body of the message.


Troubleshoot IMAP accounts:I can't add a Quick Flag to an IMAP message.

I can't add a Quick Flag to an IMAP message.


Quick Flags are not available for e-mail messages in IMAP and HTTP e-mail accounts.

HideThe folders that I expect do not download.

Microsoft Outlook might be displaying only the folders you subscribed to.

    On the Tools menu, click IMAP Folders.
    Clear the When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only subscribed folders check box.

Troubleshoot IMAP accounts

Outlook can't authenticate my credentials with my IMAP server.



Microsoft Outlook supports the IMAP4 protocol. Some servers may use an updated standard called IMAP4rev1, which may prevent authentication of your credentials and access to your account. To verify which IMAP protocol your server is using, contact your system administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).






IMAP方式是通过网络使Outlook 保持与电邮服务器同步,所以在您查看文件内容时是会受到网速的影响。

若如果在网速畅通的情况下,仍有imap连接慢的情况发生,请点击以下链接下载fix it,然后退出所有Office程序,运行fix it.


Windows 7 - Outlook 2010 imap too slow

I have set Gmail in Outlook 2010 and the set up went flawlessly.

I have noticed that it takes way too long to check mail. Someone said to configure pop instead of imap and it would be faster.

I found a tutorial on this and it did not work. Any one know how to help me with this? Thanks.


I think maybe your connection is slowly, or didnot let the outlook download all the attachments.

If you cannot improve your connection or didnot know how to check the reason, you can switch to POP.

Here's how to change Gmail account in Outlook 2010 to use POP instead of IMAP:

  1. In Outlook 2010, open File > Info > Account Settings

    Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_1.png

  2. Double click the Gmail account you want to mofify, or choose the account and click Change

    Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_2.png

  3. Fill in the credentials. Gmail POP server is pop.gmail.com, SMTP server is smtp.gmail.com

    Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_3.png

  4. Click More Settings
  5. Choose Outgoing server tab
  6. Tick the box in My outgoing server requires authentication, choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server

    Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_4.png

  7. Choose Advanced tab
  8. Fill in port inforrmation. Gmail incoming port is 995, outgoing port is 587. Tick the box This server requires an encrypted connection, choose TLS as encryption type. Click OK

    Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_5.png

  9. Click Test connection. If everything is OK, both sending and receiving should pass

    Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_6.png

To set up a new Gmail account using POP connection, choose

Add account

(above list, #1). Choose

Manually configure server settings

, click


Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_7.png


Internet email

, click


Outlook 2010 imap too slow-gmail_pop_8.png

Continue as told above (from #3)




去%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook,把里面的PST文件复制到移动硬盘就行了。

要打开的话,就到OUTLOOK的 工具 - 选项 - 邮件设置 - 数据文件 里,把移动硬盘里的PST文件添加进去,这样OUTLOOK文件夹里就会多一个个存档文件夹。用完后最好到 工具 - 选项 - 邮件设置 - 数据文件 里删除一下,否则以后你每次打开OUTLOOK前都要接上移动硬盘

MS Outlook Error Message - The UID of a message changed unexpectedly

MicroSoft Outlook Error Message - The UID of a message changed unexpectedly.

Setting: IMAP.companyname.com


The cause of this issue normally relates to an issue/inconsistency in generating mailbox notifications and having all clients receive them.

Errors like these can occur if the notification events of message deletion are not being sent to or received by all clients connected to the mailbox.

Specifically, at the same time as an IMAP user is accessing the mailbox one (or both) of the following occurs:

1. The mailbox is being accessed using other mail access protocols and are making changes to the mailbox (e.g. HTTPMail, web mail, POP). An archiving or system agent that changes the messages/content in the mailbox could also cause the issue.

Note: If ALL users are using IMAP, this should not be an issue.

2. There is a problem whereby when an IMAP user is deleting messages the "notification messages" associated with deleting the message are not being received by other IMAP clients. This could be caused by any of the following:

2A). A client firewall IMAP proxy software is intercepting the communications associated with IMAP and is not allowing the notifications to be received properly.

2B). There is some other network constraint preventing these notifications from being received.

3. There is a bug in the IMAP client cache; and the IMAP client cache and its state does not match those on the server. The solution is to reconfigure the client IMAP support, hence having the cache regenerated. (There has been instances where Outlook's client cache can be out of sync with the server, potentially because of some sort of corruption).





1. 检查账户SMTP设置的SSL加密设置TSL改成SSL。

2. 首先打开注册表编辑器,在里面找到HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Options\General,在右边一栏中,右键单击“Security Zone”,选择删除,再依次删除“PONT_STRING”、“BodyEditor”和“WarnDelete”三项。完成修改,退出注册表编辑器。





1. outlook本身的问题,比如数据文件太大,达到超过10G,那就可能很慢。但也不至于收的很慢。


2. 你收邮件的地点internet网络问题,带宽被占用导致收取很慢。网络中有病毒也会导致收取很慢。


3. 邮件提供商的问题,比方说你的服务提供商在国外,那就可能收邮件很慢了。



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